Past Events


illumi Dance Festival

4:00pm at Cubberley Theater, Mountain View
Saturday, October 7th, 2017

illumi’s 3rd dance festival featured Ambika as a solo dancer, who performed to her own musical and rhythmic compositions, themed on women’s empowerment. She was accompanied by an all-female orchestra. The festival also featured four Bay Area-based guest artists who performed four different dance forms from around the world — belly dance, Korean dance, hip hop Jazz and semi-classical Indian dance. All four guest artists performed pieces themed on women’s empowerment.


Fundraiser for Move Up

4:00pm at Tateuchi Hall, Mountain View
Saturday, September 21st, 2014

illumi organized a one hour fundraising event. This event featured Ambika as the solo dancer. $4500 was raised in one evening and all of the proceeds were donated to support the work of Move Up, an organization dedicated to the cause of economic empowerment for underserved women in Bay Area.


Pudumai Penn - A Vision for the New Age Woman

4:00pm Anthony Soto Theater, San Jose
Saturday, November 21st, 2009
Press: San Jose Mercury News

As part of a $3000 yearlong grant Ambika received from the Alliance for California Traditional Arts to further studies in Indian classical dance, Ambika was tasked with putting on a performance to showcase what she had learned in the year. She used the performance as a platform to raise funds and awareness for two domestic violence shelters – Asian Women’s Home and Maitri.

Ambika established a theme of women’s empowerment for the performance. She used verses from Subramanya Bharathiar’s poetry in her dance pieces. Bharathiar was an early 1900s Indian poet from Tamil Nadu, who wrote about the independence, free will, and intelligence of the Pudumai Penn, which means “new age woman” in Tamil, an ancient Indian language. $5000 was raised in one evening to support the two domestic violence shelters.